Highland Music Boosters



    The purpose of the Highland Music Booster Organization is to enhance the current music programs within the district, and support all efforts toward achieving excellence in music education.  The organization is committed to aligning itself with the district goals-- academic excellence, emotional growth, leadership, and community activism.

    The goals of the Highland Music Booster Organization are:

    - to promote enrichment opportunities for continual growth;
    - to raise funds and help defray the costs of events such as competitions, additional performance opportunities, field trips, clinicians, master classes, and residences;
    - to recognize student progress (awards, recognition events, scholarships based on need or merit); and
    - to promote and support stability and growth in our music programs through advocacy and grant writing opportunities.

    The members of the Highland Music Booster Organization are all parents/guardians of students participating in any Highland Music Program as well as any person whose interest is to further the purpose of the organization.  Although students are not voting members, they are encouraged to attend meetings.  Alumni of the Highland Music Programs are also members.

    It is FREE to be a member of the Highland Music Booster Organization.

    Please contact us for additional information at: 
    musiccounts@hotmail.com, highlandmusicboosters.org, or facebook.com/HighlandMusicBoosters

2014 Recognition Award Recipients