Understanding the Reading Process

  •       An effective reader:
    • Maintains a focus on meaning.
    • Checks on understanding and print.
    • Uses language structures to anticipate text.
    • Processes print with fluency
    • Varies the rate of reading.
    • Uses many different sources of information together.
    • Formulates questions in mind.
    • Attends to important ideas.
    • Recognizes many words automatically.
    • Uses a variety of strategies for solving words while reading for meaning.
    • Extends the meaning of texts using synthesizing and inferencing skills.
    • Integrates information.
         Sources of information that readers use:


         meaning from words, across a text and across varieties of text, personal sets of knowledge, such as life experiences, literary background, and world knowledge

         Language or Syntactic Structure:

         Sentence structure, Inflectional endings, such as -ing or -ed, phrase units

         Phonological and Visual Information:  Sounds in words, distinctive features of letters, patterns of letters in words - simple to complex, punctuation