Article of the Week

  • Reading non fiction articles is a core element of ELA 7.  Throughout September, October, and November students will be reading pre-selected articles in class.  As the year progresses, students will begin self-selecting articles and be responsible for handing one in each week.

     Articles of the week are assignments that students complete independently and turn in each Thursday

      Students get full credit for the assignment by reading and annotating each article.  Students have practiced annotating in class.  They are simply "marking up" the article to show their thoughts, reactions, or questions about the article content. Students are welcome to use highlighters but notes or comments are expected in the margins, as well.

    All of the materials we have used to learn how to annotate are on the main page for 7th grade, including the annotation key, the rubric I use to grade the articles, and the articles themselves.

    These materials have already been provided in class, as well.

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