AP/College Chemistry

  • AP/College Chemistry


    This course is an extension of the NYS-R Chemistry.  Built on the framework of the Regents course, AP/College Chemistry goes more in-depth in to the theoretical and mathematical applications of chemistry.  Cross listed with the College Board and SUNY New Paltz (CHEM 201, 202, 211, & 212), students are required to sit for an AP exam in May and have the option of receiving 8 credits at SUNY New Paltz.


    The goal of this course is to produce abstract thinkers and pragmatic engineers.  Consequently, all labs are Level II inquiry, and students are required to submit lab notebooks that follow industrial regulation guidelines.  Weekly Problem Sets, Recitations, & Quizzes are required, and will aid in studying for the May AP examination.

    Order of Topics

    Topic A - Lab Techniques & Nuclear Chemistry (September)

    Topic B - Mole Calculations (September)

    Topic C - Quantum Chemistry (September, October)

    Topic D - Quantitative Periodic Trends (October)

    Topic E - Bonding & Molecular Geometry (October, November)

    Topic F - Thermodynamics: Part I (November, December)

    Topic G - Properties of Solutions (December, January)

    Topic H - Gaseous Equilibrium: Kc & Kp (January, February)

    Topic I - Acid-Base Theory (February)

    Topic J - Weak Acid-Base Equilibrium (March)

    Topic K - Salt Solutions, Buffers, & Ksp (March)

    Topic L - Thermodynamics: Part II (April)

    Topic M - Redox & Electrochemistry (April)

    Topic N - Kinetics (April, May)