About Mr. Sgro

Mr. Chris Sgro
Classroom: C-11
M.A.T. Chemistry, 2008
SUNY New Paltz
B.S. Chemistry, 2005
Binghamton University

About Mr. Sgro:

Mr. Sgro was born and raised in Highland, New York.  At Highland High School, Mr. Sgro studied Chemistry under the great Ed Rogers, enrolling both NYS-R Chemistry & AP/College Chemistry.  He graduated in 2001 with honors.

After high school, Mr. Sgro attended Binghamton University to study chemistry.  Under the mighty auspices of Dr. Wayne E. Jones, Jr., Mr. Sgro made polymer thin films to be used in EPA water quality tests.  In 2005, Mr. Sgro was honored by the department with its highest distinction: The ACS Senior Award.  He graduated in 2005 summa cum laude & Phi Beta Kappa with the second highest average in the chemistry department.

After graduating from Binghamton, Mr. Sgro spent one year at Cornell University, performing microcapsule research and teaching four sections of General Chemistry I & II labs.  He was honored by the department with a nomination for a teaching award.

After Cornell, Mr. Sgro began his adjunct teaching career at SUNY New Paltz, teaching General & Organic Chemistry lecture and labs, a position that he held for ten years.  While at New Paltz, Mr. Sgro was involved in significant curriculum writing and also obtained his M.A.T. in 2008.

Mr. Sgro has been teaching at Highland since 2008.  Since then, Mr. Sgro has worked to create an atomsphere that welcomes scientific discovery.  Through chemistry, he works to instill scholarly integrity, study skills, technical literacy, skills in process writing, and computational thinking.  A proponent of STEAM, Mr. Sgro finds value in the visual and multimodal relationships in science, and the unique view that the arts add to problem solving in STEM.