Welcome percussionists! Please use this page to help you with your practice, lessons, answer questions, tips, and everything else!

  • Still deciding if percussion is the right instrument(s) for you? Here are some pros and cons...

    Percussion is a collection of instruments that involves the use of sticks or beaters.  This is the only instrument selection that is not a “wind” instrument (involving blowing air through the instrument).  Students studying percussion MUST learn both drums & keyboard mallet instruments.  Drum Set is not used in the Elementary Bands. Percussion requires constant focus and concentration at very high levels all the time.

    PROS – Does not involve “blowing”.  Very important to the success of a band/orchestra.  Somewhat inexpensive to rent/purchase equipment at the elementary level (costs increase later).

    CONS – Can be difficult to learn all of the different instruments (especially mallets - piano experience helps with this).  Requires a lot of “musical independence”, since there is generally only one person playing each percussion instrument at a time (especially at more advanced levels).  A lot of students play percussion, leading to more competition to get into advanced groups, youth orchestras, honor bands, etc. 


    Videos for beginning snare drum or practice pad

    1. How to hold your drumsticks the proper way
    2. Striking the drum the correct way
    3. 8 times on each hand
    4. Buzzing your sticks

    Videos for beginning bells (mallets)

    1. Holding your mallets and the correct way to play
    2. Finding B-flat
    3. Notes: B-flat, A-flat, G-flat
    4. First song: Mary Had a Little Lamb
    5. Your first scale: C scale
    6. Playing the B-flat scale