**Please email the registrar at esalanitri@highland-k12.org regarding new student registrations** 



    Please click the  HCSD Online Student Preregistration form link to begin the process of registering your child with the Highland School District. Demographic information will be required to submit with this link. You will receive a call or email in response to the information you provided within 1-2 business days. Please use the separate link for New Student Registration for a list of documents that will be required with the registration forms that are found at the bottom of that page. All forms and documents must be submitted before your child is officially registered with the district.


    Welcome to the Highland Central School District. There are a few things needed from you to help make the registration process as smooth and timely as possible for your student.  Most of the required forms are here for you to print and complete at your convenience. There is a carbon copy registration form, bus card and record request form that you will need to complete at the time of the registration meeting.  When all other forms are complete please contact me to arrange a time to review your documents and paperwork.  Additional documentation such as your child's birth certificate, physical and immunization record, report cards, transcripts, and proof of residency according to the residency documentation checklist are required at the time of the registration appointment.  You must also be prepared to provide a legal form of photo id (i.e; drivers license, military id, etc) as the registrant to prove relationship to the student and any guardianship/court orders we would need to have on file. If these documents are not made available at the time of registration there may be a delay in starting your student in school.


    For guardianship issues:

    Please contact Elizabeth Salanitri at (845) 691-1032 before completing any paperwork.


    If you are not in a permanent residence and are being temporarily housed: 

    Please contact Elizabeth Salanitri at (845) 691-1032 before completing any paperwork.

    The following packets are required for registration and are available online: 

    1.  HCSD Private/PS English/Spanish Registration Packet

    2.  22/23 New Student Registration Packet- English

    3. 22/23 New Student Registration Packet- Espanol

    4. 22/23 HCSD Health Packet

    Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding registering your student with the Highland Central School District. I look forward to working with you.

    Elizabeth Salanitri
    District Registrar/McKinney-Vento Rep
    320 Pancake Hollow Rd.
    Highland, N.Y. 12528 
    Email: esalanitri@highland-k12.org
    Phone: (845) 691-1032
    Fax: (845) 691-1033