School Psychologists' Page





    During the time that Highland CSD buildings are closed due to COVID-19, the school psychologists will be observing the following "virtual office hours" during regular school days, Monday through Friday, starting April 1, 2020:

    Ms. Bacher- 10:00-12:00

    Ms. Neer- 11:00-1:00

    Dr. Paff- 1:00-3:00

     The school psychologists will NOT be available at their office phone numbers. Email is the best way to reach out.

    Please visit our webpage with COVID-19 resources for resources for parents and students.




    School psychologists are highly trained professionals with expertise in educational psychology, mental health, child development, consultation, and academic, remedial, behavioral, and mental health interventions. School psychologists provide a wide array of services such as school-based counseling, evaluations for behavioral and learning challenges, and consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators. They also assist in crisis intervention, which may include assessing risk for self-harm. 

    School psychologists in Highland are integral to the Instructional Support Team/Response to Intervention (IST/RTI) process in every building. They are also very involved in bullying prevention efforts, including implementing supportive interventions as mandated by the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), and consulting with each building to implement Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). 

    Finally, school psychologists in Highland act as chairpersons for Committees on Special Education (CSEs) and may be involved in the 504 process. Please click here to read more about what a school psychologist does!

    Currently Highland Central School District has four school psychologists:

    Dr. Michael Paff serves grades 9-12
    (845) 691-1000 x. 3043
    Dr. Paff's website

    Mrs. Lisa Neer serves grades 5-8
    (845) 691-1089
    Mrs. Neer's website

    Mrs. Sara Moore serves grades 1-4
    (845) 691-1066
    Mrs. Moore's website

    Ms. Emily Bacher serves CPSE and Kindergarten
    (845) 691-1023
    Ms. Bacher's website

    This page is designed to serve as a resource for parents, staff and students, to provide useful information about common school and childhood issues such as ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, bullying, and mental health.  Please see links to the left, and check back often. Also, please see our individual websites for additional information on age or building-specific topics.