HES Physical Education - Coach Helmer, Coach Schlappich, Coach Canosa, Coach Osterman

  • Welcome to our classroom website! 

    Hello friends! Now that we are back in school full-time this website will serve as an additional tool for you to stay healthy and stay fit. 

    Online Learning: Here you will find the rules and expectations of our class. Any activity can be modified by increasing/decreasing intensity, duration, or movement.
    Videos: Here you will find the visual explanation of the activities and/or games.
    Lesson Activities: Here you will find the written explanation of the activites and/or games.
    Optional Extensions/Challenges: Here you will find optional extension and/or games to try at home.
    Calendar: Here you will find a monthly calendar with a different activity to do each day.
    Rainy Day Activities: Here you will find different activities you can do on rainy/cold days.
    Links: Here you will find a link to the Government's healthy kids eating website as well as NY State parks website and trail map.
    REMEMBER: The single greatest thing you can do to stay active is to go outside and play for 60 minutes or more a day.
    Our goal is to make the website not just a tool for us (as teachers) to connect with students, but also a learning tool and resource for the students.