Highland Central School District - Board of Education

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    Board of Education Mission Statement

    We are a diverse group of individuals who strive to engage our community in providing quality education by lending our experiences and perspectives that will positively affect the future of each and every student within the means of the community.

    Board of Education Goals:

    • Develop Superintendent Evaluation Tool
    • Conduct Retreats & Self Evaluations twice a year
    • Get Mandated Training
    • Monitor to Control Micro-Managing
    • Set Up Long Range Strategic Plans for Finance/Programs & Services
    • Explore Different Ways to Engage Staff
    • Seek Fair and Cost Effective Settlements to Contracts
    • Deliver a Budget that Supports Education and is Affordable to the Public

    District Goals:

    • Achieve academic success and excellence
    • Incorporate quality management practices in all aspects of district and board operations
    • Build public confidence and involvement in our schools
    • Develop and implement a five year strategic plan that meets the faculty, transportation, educational, and administrative needs of the district

    Board of Education Meetings meet in the Board Room (E-32) at the High School.
    The starting time is 7:00pm.

    Protocol for Public Comment:

    The school board encourages public participation at its meetings. To allow for efficiency in conducting meetings and to give each speaker a fair opportunity to present his/her views the following shall apply to the public speaking portion of the agenda.

    • Each speaker shall state their name
    • Each speaker shall be limited to a time agreed upon by the Board (5 minutes).
    • The Board will not permit discussion involving individual personnel or students.
    • Direct all remarks to chair. Community members may not poll individual board members nor debate other community members in attendance.

    Members of the community are encouraged to also present their comments in writing.
    Undue interruption or other interference with the orderly conduct of the Board of Education business will not be allowed. Defamatory or abusive remarks are always out of order.


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