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Mr. Sean Banks

STEAM teacher at Highland Middles School.

8th Grade Technology

6th Grade Technology

6th Grade AIS Math

  • Highland Middle School

    Monday, January 4, 2020

    Happy New Year and Welcome Back



    I hope everyone had a wonderful break and had a chance to recharge those personal batteries! Don't forget that we will all be remote for the next several weeks. When you go to log into a Zoom call for your classes you will need to be signed into Zoom now. Make sure you log into Zoom just like you would log into the computers at school, same username and password.  


    6th Grade: The PowerPoint presentation sample we have been working on is due when we get back from break. Please check in Schoology for all the items that you should have added to the sample presentation... which is 14 different things! We will also be starting our future technology research project/presentation after the break.

    8th Grade: Flight project continues: Every student should now have 40 points of data that they collected for their test flights: 10 each for the first plane, modification 1, modification 2, and modification 3. In the new year we will be working on looking at our data, analysis, statistics, and presentation. Check in Schoology for all the information about the project as well as any work we have submitted so far.

    As a reminder, do not forget to power down your Chromebooks at night. When your Chromebooks turns back on, any updates will be pushed to your device then. Closing the lid of the Chromebooks on puts it in a power-save mode and does not actually turn it off. The updates will only be installed on power-up of the device. Remember to also charge your Chromebooks nightly so you have it for classes either hybrid or virtual. If you do not have a Chromebook, please email the help desk to see about getting one.


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