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    Intro Video and update - Mr. Chiarieri

    Intro Video and update

    First video I have made to update my students and talk about what we can do. I apologize for the quality

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    Video on Midnight Without a Moon and the essay - Mr. Chiarieri

    Video on Midnight Without a Moon and the essay

    Second video I have made for my students. This one is about the novel, Midnight Without a Moon and the basic setup for the essay we were working on in class. I will be making a video every day there would be class and going over different topics.

    It will become very obvious that I have zero experience making videos and I apologize for that; if anything you now get to look forward to mocking me when we return to school.

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Mr. Chiarieri's ELA 7

  • Welcome To Mr. Chiarieri's ELA 7 Class!


    UPDATE: 4/13/20: Classes are up and running on Schoology. If you have not already done so, please also check out my YouTube page for daily lesson videos, subscribe for updates. If you need to reach me please feel free to email me at mchiarieri@highland-k12.org or m.chiarieri@gmail.com and I will respond ASAP. 

    I hope all are well and I miss you all


    UPDATE: 3/30/20: Schoology is crashing nearly every time I attempt to respond to a question or upload something. I apologize for any frustrations that may cause. Please be patient and persevere!

    Update 3/23/20: Today was the first full day of distance learning and it appears that many of my students were able to log in to Schoology and begin the work. I am incredibly proud of your dertermination and perseverance! I will keep making videos that are a supplement to the Schoology work. Those will be posted to YouTube and links will be posted here and on Schoology. I will also attempt live streaming and Zoom so that we can actually interact. Be warned, the chances of one of my cats entering the screen are very high. 


    UPDATE 3/18/2020: So, I have begun the process of making videos. First one can be found at this link. I will do a daily video. Also, we are working toward a Schoology classroom so stay tuned for that

    The first piece to focus on is the most important, the claim. The claim is the thesis or main argument of the essay; it is the purpose for your writing. Your claim is a direct statement that you are trying to prove. regardless of the task, it is best to start of thinking of the claim in this fashion.

    I believe there is a very simple template for a claim that can be modified to meet the needs of different tasks. That template is as follows:

    __________ is ___________ because of __________, ___________, ____________. 

    This temlpate provides a clear and direct statement and also provides evidence/support for the statement within the sentence. Look at the example below:

    Porsche makes the best sports cars because of their usage of variable-vane turbos, carbon-ceramic brakes, and sophisticated dual-cltuch transmissions.

     In this example I have made a direct statement and briefly provided evidence to support it all in one sentence. This is key to a strong claim for several reasons. First, it makes an argument that appears strong due to the inclusion of evidence to back it up. Second, it provides a blueprint or roadmap for the rest of the essay because I now know/expect that the three things listed at the end--variable-vane turbos, carbo-ceramic brakes, and dual clutch transmissions--will all be discussed and explained in the essay. As a writer, it helps me because each one of those will become the subject of my body paragraphs. 

    So in the Porsche example I have above we can see more of how the "blueprint" function works for this style of claim. As I said previously, each of the three pieces of evidence become the topics of my body paragraphs. Because of this they are also the basis for my Topic Sentences. Remember, a topic sentence tells the reader what the body paragraph is about; in essence, it is a mini claim. So I know that I need a topic sentence for Variable-vane turbos and it should say why they are important. Here you obviously need to know something about what you are writing (always important!).

    A possible topic sentence for my first body paragraph could be something like this:

    Porsche's variable-vane turbos allow them to combine the quick spooling nature of small turbos with the greater air flow of a big turbo allowing them to produce efficient and fast cars.

    And you would continue for the other two things listed in the original claim.

    For the first bit of practice on our first day out of class, try making a claim about something that you are knowledgeable about. Make sure that your claim is a direct statement and has three pieces of evidence to support it. If you are feeling ambitious, try making the topic sentences as well. You can email them to me and I will read them over and critique them.

    I finished this piece on Monday, 3/16--I will update with more tomorrow. I am thinking of making some videos to actually show how to do this; just have to figure out how to do that with my very loud daughter and 3 crazy cats. My son can only do so much to contain them. I hope all of my students are doing well and know that I want to find a way to help you learn throughout this process, even if you don't ;)

     3/17/2020--Hello and Happy St. Patrick's day! This is our 2nd full day of Social Distancing and I hope you all are ok. I am testing some stuff here for making videos, trying it first with my phone, then hopefully I can get access to a DSLR if that doesn't work. The plan is to make 30 minute videos about topics I would cover in class. I will try to produce a sample one tomorrow to test it out. For now, let's get back to the topic sentence/essay stuff from before.

    Your Topic Sentence is the mini claim of your body paragraph; it governs or dictates what is going to appear in the paragraph. It is your way of letting the reader now the purpose of the paragraph they are about to read. Your body paragraph should be focused and have ample support/evidence for what your Topic Sentence is attempting to prove/state. I typcially recommend 3 supporting details in a body paragraph. This provides a strong support for your argument and a solid base for your paragraphs. It is important to structure your supporting details within the paragraph so that they have have a maximum impact and are clear and fully explained. You should never just lump a bunch of supporting details together without explaining them. To make sure that your supporting details are explained and that your body paragraph is well organized, you should follow the pattern listed bellow:

    TS-Topic Sentence

    SD1-Supporting Detail 1 (these are typically quotes)

    EX-This is where you explain the signifigance of the quote

    TR-Transition to the next detail

    SD2- Supporting Detail 2



    SD3-Supporting Detail 3


    TR-This last transition is a little different in that you are transitioning to the next paragraph.

    Every supporting detail in this paragraph needs to relate to and support the topic sentence which in turn supports the central claim of the essay. I will sign back on later today to provide some notes on the EX and TR pieces as well as examples.









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