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    Mrs. Delia

     Welcome to ELA 8 

    Hi students!

    I hope that you and your families are doing well! 

    I will be posting all of your work on Schoology during the time that we are off.  Please continue to check there. Assignments for the week will be posted on Monday.




    Please contact me if you have any questions:  




    N** Schooltool information:   

    1.  Not all grades will be in the online gradebook. If you have a concern, please email me for the complete and updated grade.  

    2.  A grade of 1 just indicates that a student has to make up that assignment.  The new grade will be entered when the student completes the assignment.  If the assignment is not completed, the 1 will become a 0 and the zero will be averaged into the marking period grade.  

    3.  If there is a blank, the student is not required to make up the grade.  It will not be averaged in.  An example of that type of grade would be a Literature Listening Quiz.