Faugno's Site

  •  Newspaper:

    I know I will be out for the rest of May and June.  That is why I have had meetings EVERY WEEK! If you have an article to post please send it to: sfaugno@highland-k12.org.  If you do not have an e-mail account at home, please ask one of the LMC staff to send it for you.  Your article will be edited and approved and posted to the Newspaper pages.


    Book Club:

    This month's genres are Animal Fiction and Action stories.

    We will have a meeting Monday May 2, afterschool. We may or may not be having a meeting NEXT Monday, it all depends on if I am in school.  Please peek in the LMC to see if I am here.

    While I am out, I want you all to continue reading.  Based on your input we will have new genres next month.

    Please go to the message board and let me know what you are reading NOW.


    Book Club usually meets every Monday that we have a late bus.