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    My Info--I was born and raised in Highland New York.  Highland is a wonderful community to live and be educated in.  I love working with and teaching our future doctors, lawyers, and business leaders of America.

    I have a passion for World and American History and the foundation of our country.

    Politics and Economics are a huge part of my life as I feel that the combination is extremely essential to the success of our country.

    Educational Philosophy--I feel that a comfortable classroom setting is essential in promoting and fostering a students education.  The more comfortable students feel the more likely they will be in participating and taking positive risks.  A student's participation is a necessary key component to the learning process.

    Favorite Historical Topic--Studying imperialism and its effects on the world economy and particular nations.

    Favorite Presidents--John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan

    Favorite Quote "We Americans of today---all of us---we are characters in this living book of democracy.  But we are also its author.  It falls upon us now to say whether the chapters that are to come will tell a story of retreat or a story of continued advance.  I believe that the American people will say: "Forward"

    Franklin Delanoe Roosevelt 1940

    Quote "a selfish victory is always destined to be an ultimate defeat."

    Favorite Sports Teams


    Football--Dallas Cowboys

    Basketball--New York Knicks

    College Basketball--Syracuse Orangemen 

    Hero--My Grandma (She raised me)

    Favorite Actor--Tom Hanks, Leanardo Decaprio, Robert Dinero

    Favorite Actress--Meghan Ryan

    Favorite Band--U2

    Interesting Fact--If I could have one other profession I would be a meteorologist.  I love the weather