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    Series 1000
    Organization of the BOE:

    Nomination and Election of Board of Education Members

    1260: Submission of Questions and Propositions at Annual Elections and Special District Meetings

    The Role of the Board of Education

    1334: Claims Auditor

    1335: Internal Audit Function

    1336: Duties of the Extra Classroom Activities Funds Treasurer(s)

    1337: School Attorney


    1400: Formulation, Application and Dissemination of Policy

    1410: Execution of Policy: Administrative Regulations

    1420: Policy Review and Evaluation


    1510: Regular Board Meetings

    1511: Agenda Format

    1520: Special Meetings of the Board of Education

    1521: Annual Organizational Meeting

    1530: Quorum

    1540: Broadcasting and Tape Recording of Board Meetings

    1550: Executive Sessions

    1600: Minutes

    1710: Annual District Meeting and Election/Budget Vote

    1711: Business of the Annual District Election

    Series 1000
    Organization of the BOE

    Series 2000
    Internal Operations:

    Internal Operations

    2220: Food Purchases for District Meetings and Functions

    2310: Orienting New Board Members

    2320: Use of Parliamentary Procedure

    2330: Committies of the Board

    2340: Membership in Associations

    2341: Attendance by Board Members at Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops

    2350: Compensation and Expenses

    2360: Board Self-Evaluation

    Series 2000
    Internal Operations



    Series 3000
    Community Relations:

    School Community Relations

    3140: Display of the Flag

    3150: Volunteers

    Participation by the Public

    3210: Visitors to the School

    3220: Use of Service Animals

    3230: Gender Neutral Single-Occupancy Bathrooms

    3280: Community Use of School Facilities

    3282: Recognition and Dedication of School Facilities

    3282F:Recognition and Dedication of School Facilities Request Form

    District Records

        3320: Confidentiality of Computerized Information

    Public Order on School Property

    3410: Maintenance of Public Order on School Property

    3411: Prohibition of Weapons on School Grounds

    3420: Non-discrimination and Anti-harassment in the School District

    3421: Title IX and Sex Discrimination

    3430: Diversity, Inclusion and Racial Equity

    Emergency Situations

    3520: Use of Automatic Electronic Defibrillators

    Series 3000
    Community Relations



    Series 4000

    Administrative Operations

         4100: HCSD Organizational Chart    

         4240: Administrative Latitude in the Absence of Board Policy

    Series 4000



    Series 5000
    Non-Instructional / Business Operations:


    5220: District Investments

    5230: Acceptance of Gifts, Grants, and Bequests to the District

    5250: Sale and Disposal of District Property


    5320: Expenditures of School District Funds

    5321: Use of the District Credit Card

    5322: Use of Cellular Phones


    5410: Purchasing: Competitive Bidding and Offering

    5411: Procurement of Goods and Services

    5413: Procurement: Uniform Grant Guidance for Federal Awards


    5520: Extra-Classroom Activity Fund

    5530: Petty Cash Funds and Cash in School Buildings

    5540: Fund Balance Policy in Accordance with GASB Statement No. 54

    5550: Maintenance of Fiscal Effort (Title I Programs)

    5551: Allocation of Title I, Part A Funds in the District

    5560: Use of Federal Funds for Political Expenditures

    5571: Allegations of Fraud

    Non-Instructional Operations

    5620: Fixed Asset Inventories, Accounting, and Tracking

    5630: Meal Charging and Prohibition Against Meal Shaming

    5640: Smoking / Tobacco Use

    5651: Use of Electronic Devices

    5672: Information Security Breach and Notification

    5676: Privacy and Security for Student Data and Teacher and Principal Data

    5690: Exposure Control Program


    5700: Travel, Conference Attendance and Expense Reimbursement

    5700R: Travel, Conference Attendance and Expense Reimbursement Regulation

    5741: Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers and Other Safety-Sensitive Employees

    Series 5000
    Non-Instructional / Business Operations



    Series 6000


    6100: Conditional Appointment & Emergency Conditional Appointment

    6110: Code of Ethics for all District Personnel

    6120: Equal Employment Opportunity

    6121: Sexual Harassment of District Personnel

    6122: Complaints and Grievances by Employees

    6151: Drug-Free Workplace

    6160: Whistleblower Protection

    6190: Workplace Violence Prevention

    Support Staff

         6315: Student and Staff Acceptable Use (AUP)

         6315R:Student and Staff Acceptable Use Regulation

         6315F:Student and Staff Acceptable Use - Staff Waiver Form


         6430: Employee Political Activities

    Compensation and Related Benefits

    6540: Defense and Indemnification of Board Members and Employees

    6551: Family and Medical Leave Act


    Series 6000



    Series 7000


    7110: Comprehensive Student Attendance

    7130: Entitlement to Attend- Age of Residency

    7131: Education of Homeless Children and Youth

    7132: Non-Resident Students

    Student Progress

    7211: Provision of Interpreter Services to Parents who are Hearing Impared

    7222: Diploma or Credential Options for Students with Disabilities

    7240: Students Records: Access and Challenge

    7242: Student Directory Information

    7250: Student Privacy Rights, Parental Access to Information and Administration of Certain Physical Examinations to Minors

    7270: Rights of Non-Custodial Parents

    Student Conduct

    7310: Student Conduct and Discipline

    7315: Student and Staff Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

    7315R:Student and Staff Acceptable Use Regulation

    7315F:Student and Staff Acceptable Use - Student: Parent/Guardian Consent and Waiver Form

    7316: Student Use of Personal Technology

    7330: Student Transportation Services

    7340: Bus Rules and Regulations

    7360: Weapons in School and the Gun-Free Schools Act 

    Student Activities

    7400: Student Organizations

    7400R: Student Organizations Regulation

    7440: Student Voter Registration and Pre-Registration

    7450: Fund Raising Activities

    7461: Athletic Placement Process: Criteria and Procedures

    7461R: Athletic Placement Process: Criteria and Procedures Regulation

    Student Welfare

    7500: Dignity for all Students

    7510: Student Wellness

    7511: Immunization of Students

    7512: Student Physicals

    7513: Administration of Medication

    7514: Health Records

    7515: Life Threatening Medical Conditions and Use of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors Devices

    7516: Concussion Management

    : Child Abuse and Maltreatment

    7550: Complaints and Grievances by Students

    7551: Sexual Harassment of Students

    7610: Special Education: District Plan

    7611: Children with Disabilities

    7612: Grouping by Similarity of Needs

    7613: The Role of the Board of Education in Implementing a Student's Individualized Education Program

    7614: Preschool Special Education Program

    7615: Least Restrictive Environment

    7615.1: Temporary Placement of Students with Disabilities

    7616: Pre-referral Interventions

    7617: Declassification of Students with Disabilities

    7619: Accommodations for the Handicapped

    7620: Students with Disabilities Participating in School District Programs

    7621: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

    7630: Committee on Special Education (CSE)/Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)

    7640: Student Individualized Education Program

    7641: Transition Services

    7642: Twelve Month Special Services and/or Programs

    7650: Identification and Register of Children with Disabilities

    7660: Parent Involvement

    7670: Impartial Hearing Officer Selection, Appointment, and Compensation

    7680: Independent Educational Evaluations

    7690: Special Education Mediation

    Series 7000



    Series 8000

    Curriculum (General)

    8130: Equal Education Opportunities

    Elementary and Secondary Instruction

    8271: Internet Safety / Internet Content Filtering

    8280: Instruction for Students with Limited English Proficiency

    8290: Title I Parent and Family Engagement

    Instructional Materials

    8310: Instructional Materials

    8320: Selection of Library & Audiovisual Materials

    8330: Objection to Instructional Materials

    8340: Textbooks / Workbooks


    Series 8000