A Taste of Art at HHS - 'Ancora Imparo!' (I am still learning) Michelangelo at 87

  • "Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. " Albert Einstein

    Ingenuity, what is it? From the Latin "ingenium" our natural capacities uniquely our own to solve problems, contrive inventions, design, imagine and create original works.

    "The future belongs to a different kind of person-inventors, teachers, storytellers-creative and empathetic right brain thinkers whose ability mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn't." Daniel Pink 

    Highland High School Visual and Aesthetic Education Department may be little, but we offer a rich opportunity for developing critical, analytical and problem solving skills in a workshop format. Imagination, creativity, discovery and conceptualization; all with encouragement to try, fail, and try again until personal success is won.

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