• Welcome to the Highland Central School District's Business Office

    The Business Office performs departmental functions that include payroll and employee benefits, treasurer, accounts payable, procurement functions and tax collection.

    Our Staff:

    • Lissa Jilek               School Business Manager       (845) 691-1008
    • Jill Greenland          Assistant / Student Activities    (845) 691-1007
    • Kathleen Valentino  Payroll/Employee Benefits       (845) 691-1006
    • Marci Schmitt          Accounts Payable                    (845) 691-1019
    • Tera VanAmburgh   District Treasurer                     (845) 691-1017
    • Marci Schmitt          Tax Collector                            (845) 691-1054

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    Business Office - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: If my pay is wrong, who do I contact?
    A:  After first checking with your department’s support staff to confirm that your time sheet was sent to payroll prior to the deadline, you can contact Kathleen Valentino - X1006 

    Q:  If the main office staff did not get a check/stub for me this week when that is the normal location for my check to be sent?
    A:  Contact Kathleen Valentino - X1006

    Q:  If the number of my sick/personal/vacation days are wrong on my pay stub?
    A:  Contact Carly Jacobsen – X 1014 

    Q:  If I want to increase the number of deductions for tax purposes?
    A:  Contact Kathleen Valentino - X1006The District cannot offer advice on how you complete these tax forms, so plan to speak with your personal tax consultant.

    Q:  I would like to set up a direct deposit – who shall I send the completed on-line form to?
    A:  Contact Kathleen Valentino - X1006

    Q:  I have a question about the health insurance plans available to me?
    A:  Your labor unit’s contract references your base health insurance plan; however, other options are available and can also be accessed on the district’s website under “health insurance rates”.   Please contact Kathleen Valentino for more detailed information.         

    QI want to add a family member to my health insurance?
    A:  You need to complete a health insurance change form.   Please contact Kathleen Valentino - 1006  and request which plan you currently participate in, so she can forward the correct document to be completed.

    Q:  I am retiring and want to “close out” and submit a claim for unused sick/vacation day?
    A:  Once you’ve worked your last work day, Carly Jacobsen provides your final unused attendance balances to payroll to process any contractual payments due you.   This is normally done in the payroll following your final pay.