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Highland High Schoolers Learn the Importance of Credit

On Tuesday, January 15, Highland High School welcomed local author John Panzella, who spoke with Economics and Financial Math students–20 percent of the student body–on the importance of credit. Panzella, a Marlboro resident, spent his career working in the banking industry and wrote GIVE YOURSELF SOME CREDIT!: A Graduate's Guide to Understanding and Establishing Good Credit. In addition to donating his time to speak, he contributed signed copies of his book to the school’s library.

Students gathered in the auditorium to learn what a typical credit report contains, who looks at their credit scores, and, most importantly, how to safely build their credit. This topic relates to lessons being taught in Economics and Financial Math classes, as well as real-life scenarios the students may soon experience.

“One of our goals is to properly prepare students for life after high school, and we hope to achieve that with speakers like John Panzella,” said Ryan Judge, Assistant Principal at Highland High School.

John Panzella is one of the nation’s most experienced credit experts, helping educate high school and college students, consumers, realtors, first-time homebuyers, and businesses on all aspects of the credit industry. He is a strong believer in empowering consumers and helping them keep more of their money by paying less for cars and homes, and many other things, which is exactly what a good credit report will help you do.

“My hope is for students to learn the importance of credit, the role it will play in their lives, and how to go about establishing it safely,” noted Panzella. “I look forward to reaching more students with my message in the region.”