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Transportation Team Goes Above and Beyond

The transportation team posing for a photo in front of a school bus.  Members of our Highland Central School District (HCSD) Transportation team have hearts as huge as their big yellow buses. Bus drivers have a unique perspective into the lives of the children they transport, and during the holiday season, this generous group of professionals took action to fill some needs they were seeing.

Drivers Christine Sorbello, Mike Gerard, and Stacy Booth all individually coordinated efforts to help make things a little easier for families in need of some extra support.

Sorbello, a driver for 17 years, spearheaded the Stuff the Bus initiative, which collects food items to support the District’s Back Pack Program, which discreetly provides food for children to take home over the long weekend or holiday breaks. 

Gerard, a driver for 23 years, focused his efforts on making the holidays brighter for three families in need. He selflessly donated monetary gift cards and presents to ensure these children and their families had a happy holiday.

Stacy Booth, a driver for four years, makes beautiful handmade therapeutic dolls. This year she thoughtfully donated one of her creations to a homeless child.

The entire Transportation team of drivers and their support staff banded together to donate $350 to a family, as well as contribute many non-perishable food items, once again showing that their dedication to the students of HCSD is so much more than a pickup and drop off each day.