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HMS Students Get a Glimpse at Possible Careers

On Friday, November 1, more than 40 local business people, entrepreneurs, artists, craftspeople, and other passionate representatives of a variety of possible career choices shared experiences of their “life’s work” with more than 400 Highland Middle School (HMS) students in Grades 6-8.

“Our fourth annual HMS Career Day was a huge success, and our students had such a great day,” commented Highland Middle School assistant principal Meghan Connors. “Without the support of the Highland community and surrounding area, this event would not have been possible.”

At the Career Day event, participants represented a wide range of professions, from architects to musicians, to zoologists. There were practitioners from business, the trades, science, the arts, education, social work, medicine, sports, firefighting, and law enforcement, all of whom volunteered their time to provide young HMS students a glimpse into their potential future world of work.

In preparation for the day, students were encouraged to examine their interests and were also introduced to some of the social skills they would need later in life in interviews and other work-related matters, such as shaking hands and making a proper introduction. On Career Day, tables were set up throughout the HMS gymnasium for each of the guest presenters, and students toured the various stations as they learned about careers that might match their yet-to-be-realized ambitions.

According to Connors, who organized the annual event, it took about six weeks to plan and coordinate the career fair. This included contacting and inviting all the tradespeople, artists, and other professionals, as well as handling all logistics for the day.

“This day allows our students to participate in an authentic learning experience. Being able to hear first-hand from community members and businesspeople about the career path they are passionate about is an experience we hope these students will never forget,” Connors noted. “It was wonderful to see students walk into the gym with so much excitement, confidence, and curiosity. I could hear students using all the social skills we have been reinforcing prior to the event. I am excited about the future of this event and the possibilities it can present for our students and their future career paths.”