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It’s time again for the CLYNK Challenge!!

It’s time again for the CLYNK Challenge!! The Highland Elementary School needs your help. Although we collect redeemable bottles all year long, during the CLYNK Challenge, Hannaford Supermarkets will add $.50 to every $1 raised by our efforts. All you need to do is fill a specially tagged CLYNK bag with bottles and drop it off at the Hannaford station from January 21st-March 20th to help the cause.

It’s clean and easy. Once the bag is full, simply tie it, and drop off at your local Hannaford Supermarket. You can also give change by signing up for CLYNK and donating to the school through your personal online CLYNK account year-round. Be a change maker.

Remember to take a picture of yourself “CLYNK’in” the bag. Email it to and we will put the picture on the CLYNK Wall of Fame! Let’s go Huskies.

If you would like a Clynk Bag sent home with your child, please send a note in to Mr. Freer requesting one. 

Thank you for your support!