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District Announces Plans for Grading

After a great deal of discussion with our instructional leaders and careful consideration, we have developed a plan for grading the fourth quarter and calculating final report card scores. Students’ efforts and their work will be measured holistically under this plan, taking into account all aspects of individual situations, including access to technology, level of support available at home, social/emotional health of the student and family, as well as academic performance demonstrated on assigned work.

In recognition of the unimaginable situation that we find ourselves in, great efforts were made to develop a system that continues to provide parents and educators with important information about a student’s educational progress, while also doing no harm under these extraordinary circumstances.

Please see the attached document for specifics. If you have any questions about this information, please reach out to your child’s principal directly.

Elementary School: Mr. Joel Freer at

Middle School: Mr. Daniel Wetzel at

High School: Mr. William Zimmer at

Please let your children know how much they are missed. If you have any concerns about your child’s schoolwork, please speak with your child’s teacher. Maintaining this school to home connection is more important than ever.


Thomas Bongiovi, Superintendents of Schools

Sarah Dudley-Lemek, Assistant Superintendent