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High School Start of School

Highland High School Parents & Students

Please read this important message from Principal Zimmer about the start of school.

We are excited to have you back in school on Monday. We wanted to share some information and remind you that this year’s remote instruction will be different from the remote instruction presented in the Spring.

Teachers will take attendance every period just as they would if students came into the building. The grading policy also reflects a more traditional one, so students will be held accountable for completing their work.

We know we will experience some difficulties and frustrations as we navigate this new remote learning environment together. We invite you to view these challenges as opportunities for growth. When you arrive at a point of exasperation, take a deep breath and reach out to your teachers, the staff, and the help desk at Highland High School ( We are all in this together and we will support you in whatever way we can. 

Many of you are probably wondering what to do on Monday morning. The first thing you need to do is to log into your Schoology account through Classlink – and also check your school email. The Classlink portal can be found in the Quick Links on the left-hand side of the Highland Central School District webpage or by clicking here. Over the summer, your password for Classlink (which includes Schoology and your email account) has been reset to your student ID number, which is your school lunch code. If you need your lunch code, it is available on the Parent Portal of SchoolTool. You can also call the high school main office and we can look it up for you. 

Once you log in, you’re going to follow the schedule you received in the mail. The remote learning bell schedule can also be found here.

Prior to 8 AM, click on the class you have first period. On the class materials page in Schoology, teachers have provided a link to Zoom or Teams so you can meet live with the class. When your teacher dismisses you from each period, you will go back to Schoology to click on the Zoom or Teams link for your next period teacher. 

We anticipate that this process might be somewhat clumsy for the first few days. Your teachers agree that we are in this together and are happy to support you. If you have an issue with Zoom or Teams, simply email the teacher of your class for attendance purposes. 

For the first week of school, teachers will focus on getting to know you better and helping you adapt to this new way of learning. Be sure to check your school email and your Schoology updates and messages often so you can stay connected to your teachers and stay up to date on all your assignments. 

Despite the challenges we’ve faced, I am confident this will be a great year! You will face many challenges, but in working to overcome them you will gain strength, wisdom, and character. As Malcom X once said “There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.”   

Remember, we are Husky strong, and we can do this.  Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you online.