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Join the Climate & Culture/Racial Equity Committee

The Highland Central School District Board of Education is seeking applicants for its new Climate & Culture/Racial Equity Committee, which is an ad-hoc advisory committee made up of representatives from various stakeholder groups within our school community. The committee will meet monthly beginning November 17 and members will also devote additional time throughout the month for research and reflection. Committee members will include:

  • Up to one (1) BOE member and one (1) alternate BOE member
  • 4 community at large members (including 1 recent graduate from the last 3 years)
  • 1 Elementary, 1 Middle, and 1 High School parent
  • 1 Middle and 1 High School student
  • 1 Elementary, 1 Middle, and 1 High School instructional staff member
  • 1 Elementary, 1 Middle, and 1 High School non-instructional staff member
  • 1 Elementary, 1 Middle, and 1 High School administrator
  • 1 Central Office administrator
  • Superintendent as ex-officio member 

HCSD strives to foster an environment of inclusivity for all students and members of the school community. Our goal is to build a district in which all students feel they belong, regardless of their actual or perceived color, disability, economic status, ethnic group, gender, national origin, race, religion, religious practice, sex, sexual orientation, or weight. The committee's initial charge is to evaluate and support the District’s evolving Racial Equity Initiative, with a strong focus on school climate, curriculum, and teacher diversity.  

Those interested in serving on this committee must complete the attached membership application and return it to the District Clerk (please do not copy anyone else on the submission) on or before Wednesday, November 4. Submission instructions are located on the application. 

To ensure anonymity throughout the selection process, the applicant's identity (name, address and phone number) will be removed before the membership application is shared with the Board of Education for consideration. Priority will be given to applicants from historically marginalized and underrepresented communities and those who demonstrate a commitment to racial equity and social justice work.

The committee will play a critical role in shaping the climate and culture fostered within our school buildings and create a lasting effect on our students and their relationships with each other and the world around them. This is important and meaningful work and all those with an interest are encouraged to apply. 

Download the application here.