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HCSD Will Transition to Remote Learning - 1/4/21-1/15/21

Dear Faculty, Staff, Parents, Guardians and Students, 

Last night at the Board of Education meeting, the topic of transitioning to all-remote learning was publicly discussed. It was ultimately decided that out of an abundance of caution, the Highland Central School District will transition to all-remote learning immediately following the Winter Holiday recess.  Therefore, all students Districtwide would move to all-remote learning from January 4, 2021 through January 15, 2021.  Students would return to the hybrid model on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.  This change does not impact the students already following the all-remote model.

As you are aware, the COVID-19 cases throughout Ulster County have been on the rise and our area is nearing the threshold of being declared a Yellow Zone by Governor Cuomo.  In the event that Ulster County is given a yellow zone designation, the school district would be required to test 20% of all in-person students and staff.  Thank you very much to those families who have submitted their testing consent forms thus far.  If you are willing to have your child tested by the school, but have not submitted the consent form, we will need you to submit the Parental Consent form as soon as possible.  Please be aware that the following steps must take place in order for us to remain open while in a yellow zone:

  • Ulster County Department of Health must train our school nurses on COVID-19 testing
  • Ulster County Department of Health must provide the school district with COVID-19 tests
  • Ulster County Department of Health must provide the district with the Memorandum of Understanding which outlines each entity’s responsibilities

Please be aware that if any of these steps listed above do not take place, it could necessitate the district to transition to all-remote learning prior to the Winter Holiday recess.

I will keep everyone up to date as new information is provided to us.


Thomas M. Bongiovi, Supt. of Schools

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