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Update on Instructional Models 3-11

Link to survey:

At last night's Board of Education Special Meeting, the District presented a plan to return more students to in-person attendance once local and state guidelines for social distancing are reduced. In a press conference this afternoon, County Executive Pat Ryan announced the necessary changes to their guidance that will allow us to move forward.

More details about possible schedule changes in the various buildings were also provided. Given the more specific information now available, we were asked to create a follow-up survey to ensure answers were still the same and to also provide an additional hybrid option, which is explained below.

The Powerpoint presentation from the meeting, as well as a recording of the discussion, is available online. Parents are encouraged to review this content. A great deal of information was presented and discussed.

Here is a summary of some important points as they relate to teacher/schedule changes.

When allowed to reduce social distancing requirements from 6 feet to 3 feet with barriers, the plan is to REPLACE the current 2-day hybrid model with a 4-day hybrid model. Under this new model, students would be in-person 4 days a week and have a virtual Wednesday experience similar to what is currently provided. Remote students would continue to follow their existing remote schedules.

Here is what these changes may look like for each building:

K-5: If students continue to follow their existing model of instruction (remote or hybrid), there are no classroom teacher changes anticipated as a result of this move to more in-person time. If there are extreme circumstances where many remote students decide to return to in-person instruction, it is possible that some shifting will have to occur, however, based upon the initial survey responses, this is not expected to be the case. Scheduling of support services offered on the virtual day (AIS, OT/PT, speech, etc.) will likely change.

Grades 6-8: If students continue to follow their existing model of instruction (remote or hybrid), there are minimal core subject teacher/schedule changes anticipated as a result of this move to more in-person time. Current data indicated this will impact about 10 students. Changes in some special area and AIS teachers/schedules will be necessary for most students. Remote students' schedules will also change to four days of foreign language instruction.

Grades 9-12: If students continue to follow their existing model of instruction (remote or hybrid), there should be no changes to teachers needed, however, some students may see changes in their PE and Science lab schedules (but not teachers).

Any student who changes their model of instruction (moving to or from remote or hybrid learning) will experience a teacher/schedule change.

Please understand this is the best information that is currently available. Any extreme shifts that are not reflected in the survey (the survey had more than 900 submissions, but not everyone completed it) may create challenges, however, this is not our expectation based upon the information we have collected.

Additional discussion is happening on Tuesday, March 16 about whether the District should plan a PAUSE on in-person instruction immediately after spring break and whether we can return all current hybrid kindergarten students to in-person learning as soon as March 22. Additional discussion is also underway about possibilities to provide remote-only students with additional direct instruction time.

Once again, we want to reassure all families (whether they are remote or want their children in-person) that we understand your concerns. Please know that we are working to find the best possible solutions within our means. We are deeply committed to your child's happiness and success and will continue to explore the options available to us.

This information needs to be turned around very quickly, so please complete this survey as soon as possible but NO LATER THAN Monday, March 15.