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Moving to Four-Day In-Person Hybrid and Five Day Remote

Dear Students, Parents/Caregivers, and Staff:

We are very pleased to announce that the Board of Education has approved our plan to replace our current hybrid learning model (in which students are in-person two days a week) with one that provides four days a week of in-person instruction! In order to provide the scheduling flexibility necessary for our all-remote students to receive services and allow our custodial staff additional time for deep cleaning our buildings, Wednesdays will remain a virtual day.

This is possible because of a New York State and Ulster County change in the required social distancing standard from six feet to three feet with barriers.

Kindergarten families will be excited to learn that they will be able to come back to the buildings for four days a week of in-person instruction beginning on March 22. This is possible because our Kindergarten classrooms have sufficient space to provide six feet of social distancing.

It is our intent that the hybrid schedule for Grades 1-12 will switch from two to four days of in-person instruction on April 12; however, a delay may be necessary if we do not receive our safety barriers, which are on order, in time to complete the setup by this date. Should this happen, the backup date will be April 19.

Current hybrid students will automatically transition from two days to four days of in-person instruction. If this is your desire, no action is needed.

Those students who would like to attend fully remote instruction will be able to do so, and they will now receive five-day, virtual, teacher-led instruction rather than three. No action is needed for current remote students who wish to stay remote.

However, if you wish to change your current learning model, we need to hear from you by Wednesday, March 24. To change your child from hybrid to remote or from remote to four-day hybrid, please contact the main office at your child’s school. These are the only learning options available.

Families who wish to change their current use of school transportation should call the bus garage at 691-1040.

Our buildings are already working on making the necessary adjustments for this transition and will be sharing more details prior to the change. Any necessary schedule changes will take place over the weekend directly before the changeover happens. New schedules will be posted on our parent portal, SchoolTool, and will be given to students upon their arrival at school. If you are not currently signed up for SchoolTool, we encourage you to sign up by calling the main office of your child’s school to arrange to pick up the forms and have your identity verified. This must be done in person, so please call ahead.

We hope that you are as pleased as we are that our students will be back at school. Our families, students, and staff have done an outstanding job maintaining a healthy environment in our schools. The safety precautions of washing/sanitizing hands, wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and staying home when you are sick are working. It will be more important than ever to continue to be vigilant and do our part to prevent the spread of illness.

Thank you once again for your continued support.


Here is the presentation from the Board of Education meeting and we will be adding a link to the meeting recording shortly.