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Message about State Testing: March 25

March 25, 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers of Students in Grades 3-8: 

As you may be aware, school districts are still required to administer the New York State Grades 3-8 ELA and Mathematics and Grade 4 and Grade 8 Science assessments this spring. The New York State Education Department has filed a waiver application with the United States Department of Education, however, no decision has yet been made on its status. As such, NYSED has recommended schools move ahead with developing its testing administration plans.

There have been some very significant deviations from past years’ administration, which include:

  • The assessments will be significantly shortened. The anticipated time needed for completion is one hour, on one day.
  • The Science assessment will be limited to the written portion only (not the performance piece).
  • Remote-only students will not be required to take the exams, which will be offered onsite only. If you would like your remote student to participate in the testing, please reach out to your school principal to make arrangements.
  • The assessment results are purely diagnostic this year; there are no accountability implications for the teachers or the district.
  • A testing schedule will be designed to facilitate social distancing and limit exposure to students and staff who are not already a part of daily interactions. Therefore, students whose parents have refused the test will likely remain in the room while the test is being administered. Those students will use the time to silently read a book.

The State has provided a wide window for administering the examinations and is not requiring them to all be administered on the same day. Once the principals finalize their plans, parents will be notified of the specific schedule for their child’s classroom.

  • ELA: between April 19-29
  • Mathematics: between May 3-14
  • Grade 4 and Grade 8 Science (written): Between June 7-9

We understand some parents have concerns about the administration of the examinations this year.  Although it will not be easy, the changes that have been implemented will facilitate our ability to create a testing environment that is sensitive to our students' physical and mental health, safety, and well-being.



Thomas M. Bongiovi 
Superintendent of Schools  

Sarah Dudley-Lemek                                      Assistant Superintendent