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Highland Alumnus Returns to Inspire High School Students

Highland High School graduate and NBC news correspondent Scott MacFarlane returned to his alma mater on November 4 to speak to students about how his time in Highland helped shape his identity and launch his career.

MacFarlane graduated from Highland in 1994 and went on to become an acclaimed journalist who has interviewed presidents, senators, governors, a Supreme Court justice, and numerous White House press secretaries. He has won 20 Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards for his reporting, including three Emmys for Outstanding Investigative Reporting.

MacFarlane, who was in town to mark his induction into the 2021 Husky Hall of Fame, told students how he first developed his media persona in Highland by becoming involved in the school newspaper and working for a local radio station. He described journalism as a career that is competitive, fast-paced, and creative. He also said that anyone who enters the field should have a passion for reading and writing, as well as a strong sense of curiosity.

“You have to be the kind of person who is always asking questions,” he said. “As a journalist, it is your job to be nosey for a living.”

MacFarlane also explained that the field requires journalists to work as part of a team, something that Highland students should already be used to.

“This school has given you an advantage,” he said. “You know how to be part of a small community and how to be a team player. You have grown up with the understanding that everyone is worth knowing, and you will graduate with the ability to succeed at any project that requires collaboration.”

Before wrapping up to answer questions and take photos, MacFarlane emphasized one last point for his audience.

“I am very proud to be a Highland High School graduate,” he said. “Please know that because you are a student here, there is nothing you can’t accomplish!”