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January, 2022 Reopening Letter

Dear Highland Central School District Community: 

As another challenging year with Covid-19 comes to an end, I hope you will reflect on the steps we have taken together as a community to keep our schools open and safe for our faculty, staff and students.  And, while there is still uncertainty related to the pandemic, we remain focused on positively impacting the education of our students.

At this time, all schools in Ulster County will reopen for in-person instruction on January 3, 2022.  As per the guidelines from the New York State Department of Health, face coverings will continue to be required in all buildings for students, staff and visitors. 

New York State government has indicated they will be supplying at-home testing kits for our students and staff in the coming week similar to the kits provided to us prior to the Winter Recess by Ulster County.  Once the kits arrive in district, we will inform the community and run a pick up similar to the one we had prior to the holiday.  The tests are meant as an additional tool/resource to prevent further spread of Covid-19. 

We ask for continued diligence in making safe choices to slow the spread of Covid so that we can keep our schools open for student learning.  If your child is not feeling well, please keep him/her home.  If you have concerns that the symptoms may be Covid related, we encourage you to get tested.  Our school health office staff is available to answer questions or provide guidance.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with a question or concern.

 Additionally, Dr. Neal Smoller will be holding another vaccination clinic this coming Wednesday, January 5th from 4pm-6pm for anyone looking to obtain initial or booster doses.  Please visit his website to register if interested:

Stay well and we look forward to welcoming our students and staff back on Monday, January 3rd.


Joel E. Freer

Superintendent of Schools

 Jan, 2022 Reopening Information