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Embracing Diversity: Graphic Design Challenge

Our school district's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is excited to invite students to participate in a unique opportunity to showcase their artistic skills and contribute to our mission of fostering an inclusive community. We're seeking original graphic designs that encapsulate the spirit of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Format: Submit an original digital graphic design in JPEG, PNG, or PDF format.

Dimensions: Recommended dimensions should fit a website banner (e.g., 1200x400 pixels), but creativity within these guidelines is encouraged.

Content: Designs should embody the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, promoting unity and representing the rich tapestry of our school district.

Colors: Students are encouraged to use vibrant and inclusive color schemes that resonate with the theme.

Originality: Designs must be entirely original and free from copyright restrictions.

Eligibility: Open to all students K-12 within our school district.

Only one entry per student is permitted.

Deadline for submissions: Monday, December 4

Submissions should be emailed to Harriett Meyer with the subject line: "Diversity Graphic Design Contest Submission." Please include your name, grade, school, and contact information in the email. By submitting, students grant permission for their designs to be used on the DEI Committee's website and promotional materials.

Selection Process:

The DEI Committee will review all submissions and select the top designs based on creativity, relevance to the theme, and visual impact.

Winning designs will be showcased on the DEI Committee's website.

This contest aims to engage and showcase the artistic talents of our students while promoting the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our school district. We look forward to seeing the creative expressions that highlight the beauty of our diverse community!