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Sports Agent Shares Important Message with Highland Students

Mark Leinweaver, who has spent more than two decades working in the sports world as a baseball agent, television and radio broadcaster, media relations director, and more, visited Highland High School (HHS) on January 9 to speak to students about why good character matters.

As an agent, Leinweaver’s daily responsibilities include managing a myriad of off-field services for his clients and their families, as well as assisting with salary arbitration and contract negotiations. He explained to Highland students in Grades 9-12 that they, too, are like agents, with only one client—themselves.

“You are responsible for representing yourselves,” Leinweaver said. “Know your strengths and weaknesses. Each one of you are superstars in something. It’s what’s going to separate you and define you.”

Leinweaver’s engaging presentation offered simple advice and powerful insight into topics such as bullying and social media awareness. Calling social media “an extremely dangerous weapon,” he urged the students to make good choices about how they interact online and what they post publicly. In regard to combating the bullying epidemic, Leinweaver reminded the Huskies that bravery is key.

“If you see something, say something,” he said. “If you hear something, tell an adult. Your job is to lead, not follow, in anti-bullying initiatives at your school.”

HHS Principal Kevin Murphy and Assistant Principal Brandon Opitz, who were responsible for bringing Leinweaver to Highland, believe that his message strongly resonated with the students.

“We are confident that our Huskies left the presentation feeling inspired, not only to improve their own personal characters, but to find ways to instill some positive change throughout the building,” Murphy said.