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Highland Middle School Students Learn About Healthy Relationships

Stephanie Kelly, a counselor and educator with the Ulster County Safe Harbour program, visited Health classes at Highland Middle School on January 31 to speak to students about healthy relationships. She began by explaining that in a healthy relationship, both partners communicate and are respectful, trusting, and honest. On the contrary, Kelly said that signs of unhealthy relationships include exhibiting controlling behavior, showing disrespect, and exerting pressure on a partner to look or behave a certain way.
After going on to explain some differences between emotional, physical, and verbal abuse, and sharing some alarming statistics—such as one in three teens have experienced some form of abuse—Kelly implored the students not to confuse love with abuse. Clearing up a common misconception, she stressed that both boys and girls are victims of dating violence, but boys are far less likely to report it.
The young teens were engaged throughout the presentation, asking thoughtful questions and participating in meaningful conversations. Any Huskies looking for more information about this important topic are encouraged to visit