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Highland CSD Community: We Need Your Help

The Highland Central School District is facing a decrease in State Aid, which is vital to the funding of existing programs and services offered to our students. 

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has proposed the elimination of the Save Harmless provision that is used in the calculation of State Aid, which in the current law protects school districts from receiving less funding than the year prior. The elimination would result in severe cuts in aid for hundreds of school districts in the State without fair warning, effectively reducing education opportunities for tens of thousands of children.

Our community’s voice is needed to send a message to our elected officials in Albany to restore any decrease in educational funding in the governor’s proposed State budget. Our legislators will need to advocate to protect the Save Harmless provision and provide a responsible path forward that allows school districts the ability to plan for cuts of this magnitude over the course of several years. 

We are asking all of our parents and community members to take action by visiting this website for a fast and easy way to send a message to our State representatives, as well as to Governor Hochul. 

The email found at this link is pre-written, however, we encourage you to personalize your message to further communicate how these cuts to educational funding would be detrimental to our children and our community.

Thank you for your continued support!