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Heroes Visit Highland Elementary School Grade 4 Students for Veterans Day

Not many people have had the honor of meeting real-life heroes; however Karen Uhl’s Grade 4 students had the distinct pleasure of having ten of them visit their Highland Elementary School classroom on Thursday, November 9. 
After realizing many of her students had family members who have served in the Armed Forces, Uhl decided to bring in a group of veterans to tell students about their time served and what it truly means to sacrifice. The veterans, ranging from ages 26-84, were students’ uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents. Many were also alumni of the district. 
Prior to the visit, students generated a list of questions they wanted to ask the veterans. Students asked why the veterans wanted to sacrifice their lives, if they were able to visit their families, and what kind of food they ate while serving. 
Uhl noted that the exchanges during the visit were immensely heartfelt and emotional. As the veterans told their stories to the class, the students were captivated. The veterans also brought in various items of memorabilia to show the students.
Veterans discussed the importance and love of receiving letters, and even indicated that getting mail from home was just as important to their survival as food. After hearing this powerful realization, students are now eager to write letters, so Uhl has decided to incorporate letter writing into future class assignments for Flag Day and Memorial Day.  
The veterans who visited were Charles Naccarato, Charlie Busick, Terry Elia, William Hons, Thomas Curran, Ralph Tardi, Leonard Auchmoody, Alfred Zimmerman, Charlie Wahl, and Richard Call.